Koala House Court ordered Recovery provides court ordered drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a sober living home. We understand the importance and need for extensive supervision for court ordered Koala House residents. Koala House Court ordered residents must attend 12 step meetings daily and participate in all Koala House functions, including extensive work with a 12 step sponsor. Koala House court ordered residents can be placed on stricter restrictions and be required to participate in sobriety programs or community service activities as ordered by the court. Koala House is a cost effective alternative to sentencing for individuals convicted of substance abuse related crimes.

We provide enough structure for those residents who require the flexibility to continue working while they undergo court ordered drug and alcohol treatment. Koala Houses are Sober Living Homes in full compliance with Florida State laws. Koala House will provide the courts with progress reports within any time frame set forth by the court, probation officer, and / or attorney.

Koala House is an introduction to a happy and fulfilled sober life by introducing court ordered residents to 12 step social functions, 12 step conventions, and Koala House planned outings. Koala House encourages and introduces its court ordered resident family members to 12 step Al-Anon, 12 step Naranon and 12 step Families Anonymous. Koala House encourages our court ordered drug and alcohol addiction treatment residents family members to start their own recovery process. Koala House works with many Florida State Courts, Law Firms, and individual attorneys in both the Tampa Bay area, other Florida Courts as well as out of state courts.

The Koala House court ordered drug and alcohol treatment program is an education and healing in sobriety that produces remarkable results. If you are interested in placement in Koala House or desire additional information, please contact us. Koala House can provide additional information or meet with you personally at your convenience.


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