Koala House is a sober living community that caters to post alcohol rehab and drug rehab patients. Koala House is conveniently located in the heart of West Central Florida.
Koala House sober living homes provide the needed structure to live a sober life and transition back into society and employability all the while still having fun!

Koala House affords the drug, or alcohol dependent time to acquire the necessary skills to effectively transition into a healthy sober lifestyle and return to work while residing in a structured environment that the Koala House sober living homes provide. Koala House offers our residents an opportunity to live in a therapeutic community and learn to apply a recovery program appropriate to their chemical dependency treatment. Koala House utilizes the same process a drug rehab residential addiction treatment center utilizes, but at a fraction of the cost. Koala house is a step-up from the typical halfway houses.

We Are Here to Help

We believe recovery doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful! Fun is a requirement to recovery in the Koala House’s program! We will make sure that you are having more fun when you are clean and sober! If you feel you, a family member or friend have a drug abuse problem, or an alcohol addiction, you may be in need of the services that Koala House can provide. For a free needs assessment consultation you may either write, call, or email us! Clean sober living is what we strive for!